Dear Friends,

We, along with our family and staff, have run  Åsa Camping & Havsbad - an idyll by the sea in Halland, for the last 12 years. 

Together with our guests we’ve been on a fantastic journey, with a rise in the number of new guests but above all, to our great delight, an increase in guests who come back several times each season. We’re really proud of that and with that in mind we were looking forward with confidence to the 2020 season. New initiatives to keep things fresh and improve comfort, new activities, and more staff to give you the service that we believe is the reason you keep coming back to us. And we’re so grateful that you do. 

The emergence of Covid-19 (the coronavirus) in the last few months and its impact has meant that the whole of the tourism industry and the economy in general are facing their greatest challenge ever. 

We’re ready to open on the 23 April and are still planning for that but are preparing in case we need to alter things suddenly in accordance with the decisions authorities and politicians make so that we can safely run a campsite. 

Many colleagues have described the measures they have taken to reduce and minimise the spread of the disease in their businesses. We have of course initiated that protocol as well. Being thorough and cleaning efficiently has always been our guiding principle and something that guests have often praised us for. That we have now enhanced it with additional cleaning routines is a natural consequence.

Something that is important for everyone staying with us is frequent handwashing – we should all wash our hands before and after every visit to the bathroom. An effective way to reduce transmission is to wash your hands with soap and warm water while singing the first verse of Baa Baa Black Sheep (so you wash for the right length of time). Hand sanitiser is always available for anyone wanting to use it afterwards. 

We should keep a certain distance from others at the moment, but it’s also important to keep talking to each other. 

We hold regular telephone meetings with colleagues to share information about the current situation facing the camping industry. 

On our Facebook page and website, you can find all the updates about how Covid-19 is affecting Åsa Camping & Havsbad and what actions we are taking. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards

Peter Angergård, +46340-219593
Annika Friberg, +46340-219595