Seasonal pitch terms & conditions


  • Anyone wanting to apply for a pitch for the whole season at Åsa Camping & Havsbad can do it anytime by sending an email to There is no other way of applying or getting in the queue.

  • The place allocated in the queue is decided by the date and time Åsa Camping & Havsbad receives your email.

  • When you have sent your application you will receive a reply regarding what other information is needed to allocate you a place in the queue. .


  • Åsa Camping & Havsbad reserves the right to refuse a place in the queue to anyone who has previously failed to follow our campsite code of conduct.

  • Åsa Camping & Havsbad reserves the right to consider and allocate seasonal pitches after a suitability assessment and in the eventual case that Åsa Camping & Havsbad find the queue placeholder to be unsuitable deny that person a seasonal pitch whatever their place in the queue.

  • Anyone offered a pitch must reply accepting or turning down the seasonal pitch within 3 days after the offer is sent out via email. A text message will be sent at the same time telling you an important email about a seasonal pitch has been sent to you.

  •  It is the queue placeholder’s responsibility to update email addresses and mobile telephone numbers. This is easiest to do via  

  • The place in the queue is locked to one person/family and cannot be transferred to another person/family.

  • Applying for a place in the seasonal pitch queue is free.

  • Available seasonal pitches are allocated first to those who already have  a sesonal pitch but wish to change place Such requests are dealt with separately from the seasonal pitch queue. An application for the queue to move pitch can only be made by those who already occupy a seasonal pitch. The application with a request to exchange is made to

  • To keep your place in the queue you must reply to the email we send asking about your place in the queue. This is done 3-4 times a year. To keep your place the email must be answered with a “yes” within 14 days from the date it was sent.

  •  When you email your details to us, and when you reply to the email about keeping your place in the queue, you give your consent to us storing those details for one year. Åsa Camping & Havsbad never passes on your details to a third party and does not use them in any other way than described in these terms and conditions. If you receive a seasonal pitch, turn one down or ask to be taken out of the queue all your personal data is deleted. Read more about it in our Privacy Policy.