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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • Can I book a specific pitch?
    No, you can’t book a specific pitch number in advance. It will be selected the night before arrival, from the pitches that are available. This creates flexibility and means that many of our guests have more leeway if they decide they want to lengthen their stay. We are happy to receive requests and take pride in trying to accommodate these. This also applies if you want to be placed together. The important thing is to make sure you book in the right accommodation group – see the pricelist – and which numbers are included in that group.
  • Do I need to book in advance?
    Yes, usually. During the summer weeks and popular weekends you should always reserve a pitch in advance.You can’t book specific pitches, but please let us know your requirements when you book. Pre-booked pitches are reserved until 18:00 on arrival day unless we have agreed otherwise.
  • Our booking terms and conditions
    It should feel safe to book here at Åsa Camping & Havsbad. You do not need to take out cancellation insurance as we believe you want to come. If something happens that means you have to cancel, we charge a cancellation fee depending on how close to the arrival date the cancellation takes place – however maximum SEK 450. Read more about our booking conditions – click here.
  • Is there an age limit?
    If you want to stay here without parents or guardians then one person in the group has to be 18 years old.
  • How and when do we pay?
    ONLINE Before you finish your booking choose how you want to pay. You can choose between invoice, card or Swish payment. The whole amount should be with us no later than 40 days before arrival. If booking takes place less than 40 days before arrival payment should be made immediately, by card or swish. TELEPHONE OR EMAIL An invoice will be sent to your email address. Payment is to the bank giro number which is indicated at the bottom left, and don't forget to state the OCR number. If booking takes place less than 40 days before arrival payment should be made immediately, by card or swish. A secure payment link will be sent to your email address. Payment from abroad BIC/SWIFT code – HANDSESS, Handelsbanken, Grafiska vägen 2B, 412 GÖTEBORG, Sweden. IBAN –SE57 6000 0000 0006 2012 8372 Booking conditions Find our booking conditions here
  • Do I need a camping card?
    Nope. Since 2022 we're no longer a member of SCR, so no.
  • When can we check in?
    You can check in from 15:00. If you’re coming later than 18:00 and haven’t paid in advance please contact us on +46340219590. If you have paid in advance please just make sure you arrive before reception closes.
  • When do we have to check out?
    The hostel, no later than 13:00. All other pitches no later than 15:00.
  • Are pets welcome?
    Of course pets are welcome. However they must be left outside the Hostel and Facilities Block for the sake of our guests with allergies. Please keep dogs on leads in the camping area and take them for walks outside the campsite. Are dogs allowed on the beach? Yes, our four-legged friends can have a dip with you but they must be on leads.
  • What equipment do we have in our kitchen?
    In the kitchen there are four ovens with hobs, a sink, two microwave ovens and three tables with 18 places to sit. Next to the kitchen there are another seven indoor washing up areas. Please note that there are no utensils or crockery. In exceptional cases these can be borrowed from reception.
  • How do I get hold of you when reception is closed?
    Paying guests who need to get in touch with us outside normal opening hours should call +46340219596. Use the on-call number: If you have been locked out If you need help with noisy neighbours If you realise that you aren’t going to be able to check in before reception closes- If something has stopped working
  • When do we have to check out?
    The hostel, no later than 13:00. All other pitches no later than 15:00.
  • Is there a defibrillator?
    Yes. There’s a defibrillator available 24/7 in the facilities block facing reception and one by the SUP hire place on the beach.
  • Is there a TV room?
    Yep. There’s a TV room in the Hostel and the Shark Club hut. We'll be glad to open it on request.
  • Is there parking for cars?
    Yes. Each pitch has parking for one car per campervan/tent. For guests in the hostel there’s one per room. Visitors and potential extra cars can be parked in the campsite car park. Parking fees can be paid in the app.
  • What are the campsite rules?
    You’ll find our complete list of rules here. The most important are: Quiet time Quiet time applies between 23:30 and 07:00. Quiet must be adhered to between these hours on the whole campsite. The entrance and exit are closed between 23:00 and 07:00. No motor vehicles can enter the campsite during this time. Speed limit For everyone’s comfort please use your car as little as possible inside the campsite. The fastest you are permitted to drive is 20 km/h. Keep an eye open! Many children play around the campsite. Other The campsite manager has the right to reject vehicles and persons who don’t follow the campsite rules or behave inconsiderately on the campsite.
  • What power cables can I use?
    The majority of our electric points have EU connectors (CEE) and you will need an EU standard three pin adapter plug and socket on your mains lead. If you don’t have one they can be purchased in reception. For safety reasons no adapters are available to borrow. The wrong electric equipment can cause fires and injuries. A correct cable has a blue plug and is marked CEE. The plastic cable contains three thinner cables with a conductor size of 2.5 mm². The cable should not be longer than 25 metres. An adapter cable can be connected to the cable, usually around 0.5 m but max. 2 metres long. In accordance with the Swedish National Electrical Safety Board’s requirements we and our industry organisation have decided that only 3 core 2.5mm² electric cables and CEE equipment may be used at Åsa Camping & Havsbad and other campsites in Sweden.
  • Where do we dispose our garbage?
    Garbage and other waste can be left by the entrance next to reception. Help us be more environmentally friendly by sorting your waste. If you have large items of junk let us know in reception.
  • Where do we empty our toilet/latrine?
    In designated disposal sinks by the campervan emptying point and in our C-area by the restaurant road. These are marked on the area map.
  • Can we light a barbecue on the campsite?
    Camping without barbecuing….? Of course you can barbecue. We do ask you to do it using the proper equipment however. Lighting fires directly on the ground is not allowed. Disposable barbecues should not be placed directly on the ground either. Empty the coals in the designated container by the bin area next to the entrance.
  • Can I bring pets?
    Unfortunately not. There is only three rooms and we've chosen to keep them free from pets for the sake of our guests with allergies. We will happily recommend other places that do accept pets – ask in reception.
  • Do I have to clean before I leave?
    Yes. Guests clean rooms themselves before leaving according to the cleaning instructions on the inside of the door to the room. If you don’t have time you can pay for cleaning as an extra when you book. This needs to be booked and paid for no later than three days before you leave. We will then clean the room, but you must wash the kitchen equipment for the respective room, empty the bins and clean the fridge.
  • Is there bedlinen and towels?
    Yes and no. Most guests bring their own bedlinen and towels. But you can hire a set with sheet, quilt cover, pillowcase and towel for 125 SEK per set and stay.
  • Is there a highchair in the room?
    Highchairs and travel cots for younger children can be borrowed at no extra cost. Tell us when booking or book yourself if online booking, so they will be waiting for you in your room when you arrive..
  • Is there wifi?
    Absolutely. We have our own network for guests, "Åsa Camping Surf". And it’s simple to access: open your browser and follow the instructions.
  • Can we rent bikes?
    Yes. Thanks to our collaboration with Åsa Marin & Fritid you can hire bikes in Reception. Please ask us about bike rides - for those wanting a real challenge, for the whole family, in the forest or along the coast. Long ones and short ones. One of Sweden’s loveliest cycle routes goes basically right through the campsite – the Kattegatleden. The whole route stretches from Gothenburg to Helsingborg, but you don’t have to cycle it all ;)
  • Is there a washing machine?
    There are two washing machines and two driers in our laundry room. Use your code or card to open the doors and activate the washing machine or drier. There is no need to pre-book and the laundry room is available round the clock. The price is 30 SEK for a wash (38 minutes) and 40 SEK to use the drier (60 minutes).
  • May I borrow something to read?
    You bet! There’s a little “library” in the TV room with books that you can borrow, change and even take home if you haven’t finished it. If you’ve finished a book you no longer want feel free to leave it for someone else enjoy:)
  • Is there a grocery store?
    We don’t have our own grocery store, but just 200 metres from reception there’s an ICA supermarket. It’s open every day from 8:00-21:00. There’ a small selection of sweets, crisps, drinks and ice creams in reception.
  • Where can I swap freezer blocks?
    In our Facilities Block there’s a fridge and freezer for guests use, with a separate freezer containing ready frozen freezer blocks. Open 8:00-22:00.
  • How can I reach you outside opening hours?
    If you need to contact us urgently after we have closed please call +46340219593. For booking and other non-urgent matters, we refer you to our regular opening hours. Our online booking is always open :)
  • Where do I exchange gas cylinders?
    You can exchange them at Lindar'n i Åsa. If you want a refill instead you can do that in Fjärås and Gasoldirekt.
  • Facilities block
    Two womens and two mens blocks provide our campsite with showers and toilets. From midsummer until the middle of August extra toilets are available in the hostel. Everything is open round the clock with a code or card which you receive when checking in. The same code or card is used to shower and your usage is paid when you check out. It costs 5 SEK for a 3 minute shower, if you want to shower longer you will need to input the code or activate the shower with your card for another 3 minutes.


”Vita Sand = Weißer Sand” - der Name ist Programm. Unser eigener Strand, auf dem jeder willkommen ist. Naja, der Strand gehört uns zwar nicht, aber dafür schlägt unser Herz ganz besonders für „Vita Sand“. Das kommt noch aus der Zeit, als man hier anfing, zu campieren: Vor gut 100 Jahren schlug man nämlich einfach am Strand seine Zelte auf.

Vita Sand wird von den Einheimischen auch Sörvik genannt. Hier ist das Wasser flach und kinderfreundlich. Das heißt: Eimer, Schaufeln und Sandburgen! Gleich daneben gerundete Klippen für alle, die lieber keinen Sand zwischen den Zehen haben. Es gibt ein Volleyball-Netz, ein Restaurant-Café mitten in den Dünen; und für die Kinder ist das Krebsfischen selbstverständlich. 



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