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Ascension Day at Åsa

Come to Åsa for a loooong weekend, 9-12 May 2024, and see spring meet summer.


Stroll along the beach path, enjoy a bike ride to Tjolöholm Castle, visit the hamlet of Äskhult or just hang out with family and friends. Bouncy castles and Shark Club activities are in full swing the whole weekend!


Welcome to a really chilled long weekend at Åsa Camping & Havsbad!


Why do we celebrate?

Nowadays, because it’s really great to have time off. A long weekend in spring is never a bad idea. In the past however Ascension Day was a commemoration of Jesus‘ resurrection 40 days after Easter. An early Easter means an early Ascension Day and vice versa. Our grandparents used to talk a lot about it being then that the first day of summer arrived which meant that winter clothes could be packed away! If you fish you might have heard about “Angling Day” – when summer fishing starts. You see according to tradition, the fish don’t bite before Ascension Day in central and southern Sweden. It also marks the start of the fishing season and it’s vital to go fishing that day, because your luck then will determine your luck for the rest of the season.


It was also the day, according to old Swedish archives, when young women and men could meet outside the church without being chaperoned by their elders – oh goodness me! In a tightly controlled farming community it’s not hard to imagine that that was an important day to celebrate – then as now!


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