Staying on a campsite involves having to share space with others. It’s a big part of the enjoyment: meeting new people and having new experiences that might have passed you by otherwise. But as lovely as it is to meet new friends it’s equally annoying if some choose not to abide by the simple rules that exist. Camping means you have to be considerate to others. There’s often no more than a bit of tent fabric between you. 


and other stuff

You’ll find our campsite rules and booking terms and conditions on this page. They apply to all who stay at Åsa Camping & Havsbad. Obviously we hope that all our guests will want to contribute to the great atmosphere and the goodwill that makes a stay here nicer for everyone.  If despite that anyone has other ideas and decides not to follow the campsite rules the campsite manager has the right to expel guests and vehicles from the campsite. But please don’t make us have to. 

Campsite rules

  • Quiet time applies between 23:30 and 7:00. Remember that many people will be sleeping before and after those times. The campsite manager reserves the right to ask groups to quieten down. 

  • For everyone’s comfort please use your car as little as possible inside the campsite. Be aware of your speed as many children play in and around the campsite. 

  • A tank or bladder must be used for wastewater. Buckets or open vessels are not acceptable. Wastewater from latrines should be emptied in the designated areas: by the campervan emptying point or the disposal sinks with fire hydrant by pitch 235 (see the map or ask in reception). 

  • Electric cables between caravans/campervans and hook up boxes should be earthed and limited to 10 amps. Spliced cables are not allowed. 

  • For environmental reasons washing of cars and other vehicles must not take place within the campsite area.

  • Party tents and similar cannot be used as awnings. 

  • Disposable barbecues must not be used directly on the grass. Use the asphalted areas, a barbecue stand (available in reception) or place a flat stone under the barbecue.

  • Åsa Camping & Havsbad does not accept any liability for damage to or loss of guests’ possessions. Such cases should be covered by guests’ home insurance. If you have Camping Key Europe that gives you accident insurance cover. Ask in reception if you want to know more. 

  • Sales of items by and in the campsite area must only occur with the permission of the campsite manager.

  • Dogs must be kept on leads, and walked outside the campsite area. They are allowed on the beach and can swim in the sea but must be on leads. 

Booking terms & conditions

Yes, we know ... there are some places that have a long list of various terms and conditions. About how many days hither and thither before you need to pay. And hundreds of paragraphs about what happens if you have to cancel. We try and keep it as simple as possible…


We take no booking deposit and have no cancellation insurance. We’re convinced that you really want to come to our idyll and if despite that something happens, and you have to cancel, we hope quite simply that you will come here another time instead. That’s about as complicated as it gets.



Payment usually takes place on arrival but if you want to pay in advance that’s of course fine. Email us at and we’ll convert your booking form into an invoice. On it there’ll be an OCR number that should be used as reference. Then everything is sorted before you come. Otherwise you can simply make a card payment on arrival. 

There is one exception – we always send an invoice for our midsummer package. This should be paid two weeks before arrival. 


A deposit of 10% should be paid within 10 days after booking. The remaining amount should be with us no later than two weeks before arrival. 

If something happens and you are forced to cancel we will return your payment and bid you a warm welcome some other time. 

What rights do you have?


That Åsa Camping & Havsbad will supply a pitch and always try to arrange the desired placement wherever possible.


What obligations do you have?


To follow Åsa Camping & Havsbad’s campsite rules. You’ve just scrolled through them above.


Force Majeure/Unforeseen circumstances


Both parties have the right to withdraw from the lease agreement if the campsite cannot be used due to acts of war, natural disasters, industrial action, longer interruptions in water or energy supply, fires or similar major events, which neither you nor we could have foreseen or influenced. If that happens, we will return what you have paid as soon as possible, less the use you have had of the campsite so far.


What happens if we don’t agree?


Come to us immediately with your grievance. Please be aware that the chances of obtaining redress can diminish if you delay contacting us. If we don’t agree you can turn to The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). This is an impartial organisation that tries disputes between travel arrangers and consumers. We follow their recommendations.


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