- when you can’t get enough


For diehard campers and when one or a couple of weeks just isn’t long enough for everything you want to do. And the west coast is truly overflowing with possibilities. A seasonal pitch can be the perfect answer. Then you have plenty of time. Can choose yourself. Have enough time to relax as well, take it easy and just be. And that’s why Åsa is probably your best choice – here there are both things to do and peace and quiet.


A seasonal pitch gives you elbow room. No musts. Come and go as you please. Imagine being able to decide on the spur of the moment on a Friday afternoon in May when the sun is shining outside the window at work. The caravan, barbecue and sunchairs are already there. Just go!

Full season, spring or autumn?

We have a few different options. True enthusiasts arrive the day we open in April and stay right until the middle of September. Year after year in many cases. Some park their van here for the whole of the spring and autumn seasons, come every weekend but are tempted further afield during high season. And there are some who can’t imagine missing the magical late summer weeks that we call the after season. When the water is still warm, but it’s a bit calmer, more peaceful, and the queues are shorter at Liseberg.

What do you have to do?

Of our 225 pitches, 90 are seasonal. They are, to put it mildly, very popular, and right now the queue is quite long. If you want to get in the queue send an email – read more here.

There are usually a few who give up their pitch every year and a few new ones who sign up. Sometimes people give up their place in the queue for other reasons.

That all varies and it makes it very hard to say how long it can take to get a full season pitch.

The email you send will be your “queue ticket” and the date decides your place in the queue. You can’t get in the queue for a seasonal pitch any other way.


Read more here about the terms and conditions for the seasonal pitch queue.

Have a trial run!

Still undecided?


Do you feel a whole season might be a bit over the top? Is there in fact more to life than the West Coast? Have a trial stay here during the spring or autumn season.


That’ll give you a feel for what we can offer and what the advantages of having a seasonal pitch are. Four different choices: spring season 58 or 72 nights and autumn 28 or 42 nights.

An excellent solution for anyone wanting to enjoy a cheap spring or autumn break….a bit like a summer cottage but without the maintenance and as if you’re just paying for the “best weeks”.


Spring 1 - 58 nights, 23/4 - 14/6

Spring 2 - 72 nights, 23/4 - 4/7, 

Full season - 149 nights, 23/4 - 19/9

Autumn 1 - 42 nights, 8/8 - 19/9

Autumn 2 - 28 nights,  22/8 - 19/9