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All files that can be downloaded from this page may be used for journalism and marketing purposes regarding Åsa Camping & Havsbad by the press and media, subcontractors and partners. 

The material cannot be copied or shared in other contexts or for other purposes. Moderate cropping of the photographic material is allowed but they cannot otherwise be changed, distorted or manipulated in any way. 

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Åsa Camping & Havsbad

It’s hard to say when it actually began. But we can tell you quite a lot about how – read more about Åsa Camping & Havsbad’s history here. We know a bit more about how it started for us….

In 2007 we made an offer for Åsa Camping & Havsbad which was then for sale by the company which had the land lease agreement with Kungsbacka Municipality.


We started our first season at this little idyll -  Åsa - in 2008. It’s a job we really love – its position by the sea and right in the middle of the town means that we can enjoy its advantages and bring visitors to restaurants, bakeries and the ICA supermarket.  It was started as a family project and it still is, with a great deal of personal commitment and care.

The whole of our family is involved and staff numbers increase by 7 – 10 people during the high season, when we place great importance on recruiting from Åsa.​


We are very proud campsite business owners who put a lot of effort and love into what we do, and hope that is evident to both guests and Åsa residents.


Jointly we know a lot about running and developing a campsite. Peter started his first job at Gustavsvik in 1979 and moved via Liseberg Campsite on to Åsa. Annika’s journey here began at KronoCamping in Gothenburg/ Åby in 1989, then on to Liseberg Campsite, work as a travel agent, teacher training and a post at a special school.


We have plenty of experience but the most important thing is to never stop being open and receptive to change. A fantastic cconsultant (Hans Järnström) taught us a saying when we were at Liseberg – “Whoever stops being better, stops being good” – and we follow that advice when we develop our idyll by the sea.


Friendliness, safety and cleanliness are three key words that form the basis of our business model.

// Peter & Annika

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