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A village in northern Halland

Once upon a time, long ago and yet in so many ways only moments ago, Åsa village was “just” a lovely place in north Halland - one of 25 landscapes of Sweden. A couple of farms in the parish of Ölmevalla. Then a railway was built and the idyll that Åsa is today was born. Right between Gothenburg and Varberg, Åsa is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the Swedish west coast. For anyone wanting city life but a quiet place to come back to at the end of the day. For anyone wanting a base for expeditions along the whole coast: from the rocky north to the light on the horizon going south. But Åsa is also a great place in its own right.

Kungsbacka: 20 minutes

Varberg: 25 minutes

Göteborg: 30 minutes

Copenhagen: 3 hours

Trelleborg: 3 hours

Ystad: 3 hours

Oslo: 3,5 hours

Örebro: 4 hours

Stockholm: 5 hours

Hudiksvall: 8 hours

Berlin: 9 hours

by car



Trangia stove and gas, charcoal barbecue or let someone else make the food? You choose.

There are four restaurants, an ice cream cafe, a bakery and an ICA supermarket at flip-flop walking distance away. And a few hundred meters further, Lindar’n, which must have Sweden’s largest selection of barbecue tools, most of which you didn’t even know you needed.

Åsa’s home bakery

Freshly baked breakfast rolls on holiday is as self evident as strawberries and cream, or Danish pastries with your elevenses. Åsa Hembageri, right by the entrance, also has a cosy open air cafe.

Open every day during summer from 7am to 6pm.

ICA Supermarket

Large well stocked supermarket that no camping shop can match.


A “proper” shop quite simply. It has almost everything you need so that you don’t have to spend precious holiday hours shopping further away. We think it’s great that it’s so close.


Open every day 7am-9pm.

As the name suggests, you can get take away pizza or eat in at Åsa LaPizza. But also at Hvita Sand, which has an à la carte menu as well. If you prefer Asian food, Nam Nam has Vietnamese, Thai and Sushi on the menu.

At the cosy
Rocky Point Brewpub, there are plenty of taps of local craft beer and food with a strong focus on local and local produce.

The GlassCafé is naturally every child’s favourite during summer – 36 different kinds of Sia ice cream, milkshakes and more toppings than you thought was possible. And
Strandbaren, tucked away among the sand dunes, is the best, most beautiful and nicest place to hang out on a summer evening this side of Key West.


When you’re on holiday training can often be more fun, you don’t need to stress or keep to a timetable! There’s an STC gym in the centre of Åsa. You can do strength and condition training in light and airy newly built premises, day and night. Pop in to reception for tips about offers from STC.

and a bit more

Åsa is a small community. A charming little village by the sea. There’s no nightclub, no shopping centre and no amusement park. There is however everything you need for a great holiday – and all the rest is close to hand, in Kungsbacka, Gothenburg and Varberg. There are hospitals in Kungsbacka and Varberg, and a health centre and dentist in Åsa

Åsa and public transport

Getting to Kungsbacka, Varberg and Gothenburg by bus or train is simple. Leaving your car is good for the environment and you avoid having to find parking places or pay road tolls. The Öresund train stops in Åsa mornings, afternoons and evenings to and from Gothenburg and takes just 28 minutes. And when there’s no train get the bus to Kungsbacka and then the train from there on to Gothenburg. Tickets can easily be bought on Västtrafik’s ToGo app or from the bus driver. Easy peasy!  Travel to Varberg with Hallandstrafiken which operates regularly.

Foto: Eddie Löthman


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