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You really must try crab fishing while you’re staying with us. It’s an absolute must on the west coast and that’s that. We’re one of the few campsites in Halland with both sandy beach and rocky shoreline, and it’s among the rocks you’ll find the crabs.

1. Getting ready

Fishing crabs is easy! You’ll need string, a peg, a bucket and bait. You don’t need to have a fishing net, but it will make it a bit easier. In Bohuslän there are loads of blue mussels which is crabs’ favourite food, but there aren’t so many here in Åsa. Of course you can buy them in tins, but you could just as easily use cheese, sausage, ham….anything you eat for breakfast crabs like too.

Don’t have any fishing gear? Come to reception and we’ll give you a hand. 

2. The actual fishing

At Vita Sand the crabs like to be on the right side of the beach, by the cairn. Climb over the rocks, but be careful because they can be slippery. Find a good, safe spot to start fishing. Clip the bait on the peg and lower it down towards the crabs. Try and place it by a rock, as that’s where the crabs are. If you don’t find the best spot straightaway keep looking! 

3. The art of getting a catch


Wait until the crab has a firm hold of the bait, then carefully pull the peg up towards the bucket. Gently place the crab in the bucket which should already be half full of seawater to keep the crab happy there. If the crab has managed to eat the bait put some more on the peg and begin fishing for the next one. 

4. When you’re finished

When you’ve caught as many crabs as you want you should always tip them carefully back into the sea. They do best if you return them to the same place you fished them from.


Crabs must always be handled carefully as you’re just visiting them in their home. You can borrow them for a while but remember that they do best in their normal home environment.

Crab races at Shark Club

One of the most popular activities in Shark Club is crab racing. Check the calender to see when the next one is. Crab racing is always done with what’s best for the crabs in mind. They shouldn’t be stressed or made to do anything they don’t want to. 


Crab fishing school


Fishing for crabs is a good way to understand and get closer to nature and the sea. Want to fish from a jetty? Then we recommend Stenvik, the bay right next door.

Happy fishing!


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