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19/ 4 - 8/5, kl 9-12 och 16-20
9/5 - 12/5, 9-22

12/5 - 1/6, kl 9-12 och 16-20

1/6 - 14/6, kl 9-12 och 16-22

14/6 - 18/8, kl 8-22

18/8 - 1/9, kl 9-12 och 16-22

1/9 - 15/9, kl 9-12 och 16-20

We reserve the right to make changes. We are for example often open longer than the hours given above. And if you want to check in at another time you can usually just turn up. Check in is available every day we are open up till 22:00.  

Facilities block
Showers, toilets and sinks are of course open 24 hours a day. To get in, you need the code or card you receive at check-in. Kitchen, guest freezer and guest refrigerator are open 8am-10pm. The beach toilets are open from 9 am to 10 pm.

Entrance and exit
The entrance and exit to the campsite are open 7:00-23:00. The road down to the beach is open 8:00-22:00. If you want a swim before or after that – and an early morning dip when the beach is empty and the water calm is maybe the best of all – just walk down


We’re stronger together. Friends make us bigger. Better. We’re very happy and proud to collaborate with 

We support

We think it’s important to support worthy causes in the town we are based in. Just now that’s Åsa sports club and in particular the work they do with girls, and the Åsa365 community association that works to keep Åsa thriving.  Åsa365 is there to support, develop collaborations and pursue agendas to develop Åsa. We support the association and individual projects, and are an active member. 

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