What actually is the difference between an activity and an outing? Must an activity also entail some way of getting your pulse racing or does lying-on-the-beach-and-not-doing-a-thing also count? Of course it does! At least here. It also means that all the activities you can do scarcely fit on this page – you’ll need to go to  Outings and Seaside as well. Do it after you’ve immersed yourself in Shark Club, SUP and cycling trails. And if you want to see even more tips, our favourite places and things we get up to, follow us on social media. 


SUP, Stand Up Paddleboarding, has probably become so incredibly popular because everyone can do it. Whatever your age, stamina or experience you can enjoy the sea on a ‘board’. No great preparation or experience is needed. Or if you want, you can test the waves on a windy day. You can hire SUPs here and naturally we’ll give you a thorough introduction in how to handle the board and paddle. Vita Sand is the perfect beach for your first stroke. Why not take the whole family on an SUP experience at sunrise!


The sharks - Sweden’s most important and coolest club, the Shark Club. For everyone aged 6 to 12. In it there are only nice shark guys and shark girls. But don’t say a word to the sea cows….you know, the adults. That’s because they think we can be a bit of a pain if we don’t get our own way. And we like to let them think that. We do loads of fun stuff together like build sandcastles, paint and draw and have crab races. Sometimes there are exciting performances as well – just for us. And that’s lucky for them! Otherwise we probably would have started to bite a little. One day for example there was a juggling class. And after a bit of practice we were of course best at juggling as well!


Sometimes we just chill a bit and watch cool films. And yes, it’s ok to watch films even if the weather is nice. We just decided that, so there you are! The sharks have activities most days during high season, weeks 28-31, and on some other weekends. The rest of the time we make plans and sharpen our teeth of course! If you want to join in check the calendar. And if you think it’s a bit scary to come on your own, you can bring a sea cow. But remember to keep an eye on them! You know what they’re like, as soon as you turn your back fin they’re up to something! See you

Åsa by


You probably already know that the Kattegattleden trail goes right through Åsa. But why just ride through when there are so many lovely cycling routes around and about. Winding roads take you through beautiful countryside, along the coastline and an interior landscape that’s quite fantastic – and also a bit ‘forgotten about’ sometimes. Bring your own bike or hire one from us and explore Åsa’s surroundings. There’s lots to see, you won’t regret it. We’ve put details of three exciting cycle tours below that we happily get on the saddle ourselves for.


9,7 km



A cycle tour that’s perfect when you don’t have a whole day at your disposal. Take a picnic basket and swimming things.


European Cycle Trail of the Year 2018 and Sweden’s first national cycle trail. Rightfully known far outside Sweden’s borders. 390 km long but you don’t have to cycle the whole route which stretches along the coast between Helsingborg and Gothenburg.


27,8 km


Lunch in Storstugan or fika at Kafé Manegen. Buy freshly picked veg on the way, from Mariebergs Gårdsbutik.



17,3 km



A magical whole day tour! First to naturum Fjärås Bräcka Visitor Centre then home via the village of Äskhult. Several kilometres long but worth every turn of the pedal.

Walking trails and paths

Halland isn’t just salty swims and lovely sandy beaches. The landscapes in the transition zone between the coast and the forest are fantastic, varying between cultivated land, copses of trees, hills and small lakes. There are even some steep cliffs for anyone not afraid of heights. A 1.5 km long nature trail starts at Naturum Fjärås Bräcka Visitor Centre with stops along the way where you can learn about the fascinating history and flora of this moraine ridge laid down in the last Ice Age. Lovely scenery and walks can also be found around the village of Äskhults. There are several round walks of varying lengths around  Stättereds 4H Gård and lots more in and around the Åkulla beech forest. And a tour round Hyltenäs hill or the 18 km long Viskastigen never disappoints.



Beach Workout

Semestern är den bästa tiden för träning! Det blir så mycket roligare när man varken behöver känna stress eller press. Marko och Daniel på Sommarträning i Åsa kör funktionell gruppträning med och utan vikter varje dag vid stranden. De varierar upplägg och nivåer så att alla kan utmana sig själv. För nybörjare finns pass med lugnare tempo och möjlighet att lära sig grundtekniker. De garanterar en svettig timme tillsammans med ett gött gäng. Och varför inte avsluta med ett dopp i havet? Bättre än så blir det inte!

Du bokar passet via deras Facebooksida eller hos oss i receptionen. Något oklart? Kom in till oss så berättar vi mer!


Beach Workout

Semestern är till för återhämtning för både kropp och själ. Har man inte provat på yoga innan så är semestern ett perfekt tillfälle. Therese Lind driver sin egen yogastudie i Åsa och i sommar kommer hon att flytta ut sin verksamhet till Åsa Havsbad till vår stora glädje.  Från med vecka 22 kommer hon ha yogapass tis-, ons-, och lördagar, kl. 9.00 – 10.00. Det kommer att vara drop-in och kosta 100kr. Stannar du länge hos oss kan du köpa ett Sommarkort för 500kr. För mer information kom in till oss i receptionen.