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Salt waters

Warm sand between your toes. A feeling of wellbeing. Salty clear water. Waves. Swimming in the sea is something special. A dip in a tranquil lake at dusk can be magical, almost enchanted. There are plenty of those as well just a little bit further inland. But sea swimming is a whole different experience. Fresher. More powerful. Bigger, in some way. Your stay here will be literally on the Vita Sand beach. Within walking distance to Krokvik, Skytteviken and Vassbäck’s smooth rocks. A short drive away are any number of spots, salt or freshwater. Here are some of our favourites. Do bob into reception and tell us which you liked best. 



Perhaps the most poetically named of all beaches on the west coast. Our beach. Our idyll. Right outside your awning. Fine white sand, sand dunes to play on and Strandbaren to hang out in when you can’t be bothered making food. Or when you just decide it’s more fun to have a beer together.


Our sister. A short 800m south along the shore and a fantastic coastal walk. A bit of a forgotten gem for everyone except people living in Åsa.

57°20'28"N 12°07'51"E


A lovely long sandy beach thirteen minutes south by car, or around 30 minutes by bike. Kiosk, newly built toilets, and shower. Outdoor gym and small playground. Parking costs 30 SEK/day and there’s room for around 200 cars. 

57°17'51"N 12°09'56"E

Surfing – a lifestyle

In Halland a surf culture that attracts visitors from across the country, as well as from Norway and Denmark, has emerged. When the wind and waves are “right” there’s nothing that will hold back the enthusiasts. Several of Sweden’s best surfing beaches are along this coast: Rågelund, Apelviken, Läjet and Steninge are classic 'spots'. And take it easy, you don’t need to own a board or be a pro. If you’ve never tried it before we recommend you start with SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding. Everyone can do it and you’ll be on your way in five minutes. A fantastic way to experience the sea. You can hire SUP boards from us. When you’ve got the hang of that you can push yourself a bit further and try kite, wind, or wave surfing. 

A few words about the seawater…

The sea is part of our ecosystem, like lakes, rivers and water in general. It supports a great diversity of life and ecosystems. This means that the water you swim in one day isn’t the same water you get into some days later. And that’s a good thing. In fact it’s absolutely necessary.


crab fishing school

A west coast summer without crab fishing is inconceivable. Impossible. Tilda’s got some clever hints to share with you. All you need is a peg, a piece of string, bait, and a bucket. 


 Tranquil freshwater

Sea swimming is sea swimming. Salty. Refreshing. Resolute. It just is. We choose the sea nine times out of ten. But sometimes we also want tranquil freshwater. Yielding. Smooth, peaceful. The whole of Halland is full of lakes offering exactly that. Just pick and choose. Our favourites right now are Skällingesjön, Stora Öresjön and Stora Horredssjön

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