We have closed but we open our Camping by the beach on April 23, 2021.

Just stopping by?

If you are heading north or south, Åsa Camping & Havsbad is a perfect place for the night or more nights.


We offer several options of accommodation and you live next door to the sea and nature.

Close to Göteborg or Varberg

An idyll by the sea

See you April 23rd!

Åsa was literally born out of a desire to be by the sea. For lovely, undemanding days. For easy accessibility and nearness to ‘town’. It’s still like that: personal, informal and sociable. For anyone wanting to be close to Gothenburg with Liseberg and Avenyn, Varberg, Kungsbacka, Ullared and….yep, the whole west coast actually, but still come “home” to peace and quiet in the evening. Åsa is our idyll by the sea. We’ll happily share it with you!

/ Peter & Annika


Ahh ... bara smaka på ordet. Midsommar! Ljuvligt som solvarma jordgubbar direkt från trädgårdslandet. Som mormors flädersaft efter för mycket lek. Nostalgi, värme och gemenskap. En kväll som aldrig riktigt tar slut. Magisk. 

Fira midsommar med oss! 



Du kan naturligtvis få ihop din egen långhelg på Åsa lite när som helst - ta ledigt en dag extra och kom bara. Men den 13-16 maj, Kristi Himmelsfärdhelgen, gör man klokt att boka i god tid. Fyra härliga vårdagar på västkusten! Fyra dagar att vara tillsammans med familjen ... först till kvarn!


Perhaps you came with a bike? Maybe Åsa is a stop along the Kattegattleden? Or you’ve got brought your own bikes because it’s such a lovely way to get around? No? No problem, you can hire from us. Vita Sand is of course the best but just occasionally you might want to go to another beach. There are almost too many to choose from. And what’s more, we have suggestions for some fantastic cycle tours; shorter ones, in betweenies and whole day tours with unique experiences along the way.


Mmm… Gothenburg! The west coast’s jewel. ”Home” for us in many ways even if we live several kilometres south of the city itself. We get called ”Gothenburg’s best campsite” several times a year in reviews and comments. It’s almost embarrassingly complimentary but really great to hear! We think there are many other great campsites ourselves. There’s a lot we love about Gothenburg – the hustle and bustle, the restaurants, the parks, the archipelago and the Gothenburgers themselves. So much that we’ve give the city a whole page to itself. With our favourite spots, well known and not so well known, the tourist hotspots mixed with some personal favourites.